Maxilift PF 3000 Land Rover


Characteristics :
Chassis cab two places
Standard or extended cab
PTAC: 3500 kg
2.2 L 4-cylinder turbocharged
Diesel direct injection
Power : 122 CH
Gearbox : 6 speed manual
Brakes : front and rear discs (without ABS)
Air conditioning

MAXILIFT PF 3000 Special Undergound Parking

Special adaption to the base vehicle :
- Rear suspension converted to pneumatic with pump and reservoir
- Two inflatable air bags with automatic levelling system
- Cut down cab with new poyester roof
- Steel wheels replaced by aluminium
- Adaptation of foot-steps in aluminium
- Adaptation of a ballast anti-squat in the front bumper

Special underground parking breakdown truck with spec lift and breakdown style bodywork :
- Maxilift PF3000, Z type spec lift with dual articulation and fold flat
- Two pistons to control lift with security interlock.
- A piston to control arm extension with security interlock.
- A piston to control arm angle with security interlock.
- Electric hydraulic pump with controls in the cab and on the body.
- A four ton electric winch with 20m of cable.
- A multi function radio control for the winch and for full control of the lift (elevation, extension and angle).
- Spec lift with articulation on horizontal axis and adjustable forks.
- Bodywork entirely in Polyester with roller cabinets on either side.
- Front bumper with additional rubber protection and ballast
- Pivoting flasher bar “XPERT”
- Three florescent vests, three cones and two 2kg fire extinguishers.
- A shovel, a broom a sand bucket and towing panel in a storage chest.
- Two adjustable work lights at the front of the bed.
- A work light fixed to the lower rear to provide illumination to the lift.
- Two jump start cables with a 12v socket at the rear of the truck.
- Two wheel dollies with mounts.
- All equipment chassis mounted.
- Undercoat and standard colour paint for chassis and arm.
- Bodywork painted in a single colour