Maxilift PF 3000 Assistance


Characteristics :
- Hydraulic spec lift with ground level operation.
- Steel overbody with bolted panels and chassis reinforcement.
- Articulated spec lift with brass rings and auto lubrification.
- Two lift pistons.
- A piston to control lift angle.
- A piston to control arm extension.
- Electric hydraulic pump with built-in reservoir.
- Hydraulic control levers.
- A second set of hydraulic controls in the cab to control lift height.
- Demountable lift forks also with adjustable width.
- Adjustable and demountable wheel locks.
- Two ratchet straps for fixing wheels to lift.
- Lift articulated via connecting arm, axles on brass rings and auto lubrification.
- Four tonne electric winch with 20m of cable and multi-direction guide.
- Wired push button remote control.
- Radio control for winch.
- Assistance style bodywork entirely in aluminium with standard size roller shutter cabinets on either side. Shutters also in aluminium.
- “Fly” bar.
- Two adjustable work lights at the front of the bed under the “fly” bar.
- A work light fixed to the lower rear to provide illumination to the lift.
- A deluxe flasher bar with four rotating beacons and central section marked “BREAKDOWN” (fixed to the fly bar).
- Three florescent vests, three cones, a shovel, broom and sand bucket in tool chest.
- Two type 89B fire extinguishers.
- An illuminated towing panel.
- Ballast load fixed under the bumper.
- Undercoat and standard colour paint for chassis and arm.
- Bodywork painted in a single colour.